HOLDEN 10 Inch GAL HT Disc brake Hub with HOLDEN Bearings

$91.54 ex GST
$100.69 inc GST  

Bearings: Outer LM11949 Inner LM67048
Components: Disc Hub, BearingsDust Cap, Seal, nuts
Stud Pattern: HT Holden
Number of Studs: 5 - 7/16 Inch
PCD: 120.65mm

Disc Hub Holden 10" Galv. With SL bearings, dust cap, oil seal, nuts.
Finish: Galvanised
Number of Studs: 5
Stud Diameter: 7/16"
Distance from Centre of Stud to Centre of adjacent Stud: 2 13/16"
Bearing Numbers:
Bearings: In LM68149/10 - Out LM12749/10