2 x 3 Leaf 45 X 6mm Eye to Slipper|600KG RATED SET

$58.80 ex GST
$64.68 inc GST  

Spring Length: 770mm Centre Bush to Slipper End
Number Leafs: 3 Leaf
Spring Rating: 300Kg x 2 = 600Kg
Spring Type: Eye to Slipper|1/2in Bolt

  1. 775mm Total Spring Length
  2. 770mm from Centre of 1/2in Bush to end of spring
  3. Leaf Thickness 6mm
  4. Spring Width 45mm
  5. 1/2in Nylon Bush

These Slipper Springs are a very simple and durable option for boat trailer or to use a setup that offers good town and highway driving. 
We offer these springs in galvanised for weather/sea proof and black painted springs as a standard product.
They also come in two different leaf thickness 6mm and 8mm the same principle applies to both, however the 8mm takes a higher load rating.
The standard ½in eye on the front of the spring is attached using the Hanger which is welded to the chassis rails and uses ½in 3.5mm High Tensile Bolt to secure the spring to the Hanger.
Slipper refers to the end of the spring that rests upon the rear hanger that is welded to the chassis and absorbs the impact going through the trailer.
All though not recommended by us many trailers come with tandem or even slipper spring setups, it is quite a low cost alternative for the reason that it doesn't share the load evenly across trailer.
It is a common problem for one side of the trailer to lift shifting all the weight to one side causing it to damage the springs. 
So for that reason on tandem trailers:
    at least 120% of the load on that axle with the trailer at its ATM; and
    at least equal to the load on that axle with the trailer at its ATM and any retractable axle retracted.
Therefore if you are planning on driving off-road or on rough roads we recommended you move to a Shackle Springs or a Rocker Roller Springs.